CIGA Design X Series

CIGA Design X Series Stainless Steel Hollow Design with Suspension System Mechanical Watch
Product Code: X011-BLOG-W25BK
Brand: CIGA Design
Warranty: 1 Year Manufacturer's Warranty
Availability: On Order Only
Rs. 97,700

CIGA Design X series integrates a patented automated mechanism embedded into a unique X Shaped skeleton - the core of the utmost sophisticated experience. 

World's 1st anti shock system

The dual-shell  structure equipped with a high performance sport utility vehicle suspension system includes a four angle spring distribution to unveil the all new CIGA Design anti-vibration capability. This feature minimizes the impact of external forces on watch movement with stunning shock absorption that protects the mechanism and optimizes the X Series flawless functioning.

Everything you see Super-LumiNova will make it brighter. A powerful look and even more stunning at night time, X Series Super-LumiNova is where your senses come awake.  

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